Happy Sunshine

Happy Sunshine, a branch of the SOC funded by Austrian supporters, opened in 2010.

DSC01774Inspired by their experience of spending time in Cambodia during a back-packing around the world holiday, two young Austrians, Christoph and Dominik, raised a significant amount of money and worked closely with Savong to realize their dream of opening a home / school for children from poor families in Siem Reap province.

Happy Sunshine is located in the Chreav commune, 5 kilometers to the east of Siem Reap city, and since its inception the focus has been on working with the commune leader and other interested parties for the overall benefit of the local community.

English classes, led by young and DSC01799enthusiastic teachers, are held in the morning and the afternoon and, in a recent development, IT classes are now available. As with the other branches of the SOC, Happy Sunshine has benefited from a succession of volunteer teachers, from Austria and Germany, whose energy and friendliness have been of great assistance to the students and the teachers.

Happy Sunshine has been at the forefront of the SOC’s Outreach program, which provides monthly support to some of the poorest families in the local commune. A number of water pumps have recently been installed as well, and further Outreach program developments are in the planning stage.

DSC01479It also provides housing, food, and educational opportunities to 55 students who otherwise might not have the opportunity to study in town. These scholarship students range from early primary school to the end of high school and even University. 

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