Our Team

Savong2Savong Svay
Founder and Managing Director

Savong had not even finished high school when he opened a small classroom on the side of his father’s house to teach English to younger children. He grew up in desperately poor times.

As a child he missed school for many years in order to help his family earn a living. Times were so poor that he was supported by the local monastery, but it was there that he received an inspiring education and like many of his generation Savong was motivated to assist younger Cambodians through education.

duncanDuncan Stuart
Primary Donor

A generous New Zealander who has supported Savong from the beginning and continues to contribute to the organization significantly, in particular Savong School.

philPhil Caldwell
Primary Donor

A friendly Canadian who is the Managing Director of the Savong Foundation, which primarily supports the Savong Student Center, but also contributes greatly to other areas of the organization.

dominikDominik Laister
Primary Donor

A kind Austrian man who is one of the primary donors of the Happy Sunshine School, and has a strong desire to see the children attain a quality education.

christophChristoph Einfalt
Primary Donor

Another generous man from Austria who is also one of the primary donors of the Happy Sunshine Organization, and who shares a similar dream for the children.

romayne-realRomayne Westwood
Sponsorship Coordinator

A well-organized Australian woman who loves children and is enthusiastic about helping the organization gain more support.

theresea-realLyn McNaught

A committed accountant from Australia who ensures the organization continues to run smoothly and professionally.

Dr. Deb Miller
Fundraising and Dental Health

A lovely Australian woman who assists with fundraising and checks the teeth of staff and children.

simonSimon Lim
Volunteer Manager

An Australian whose family is from Cambodia and has a great desire to help improve the lives of the Cambodian people.

Loeng Vinh
General Manager

A kind man who is highly respected by the his peers and enjoys working together with with all the staff.

Chea Rathana
Admin Manager

A committed father who has over ten years of experience working in the development field in Cambodia.

Chhorn Malin

A friendly, young woman who works hard and is very professional with her role as an accountant for the organization.

Korng Channy
Education Manager

An affable man who takes great pride in creating an enjoyable educational environment for both students and teachers.

schoolteacher9Vann Salas
Branch Manager

A highly-organized manager of the Savong School and experienced teacher who is well-liked by all of her students and staff.

Kong Sothea
Branch Manager

A good-natured man who is committed to seeing the students improve their language skills as the General Manager and teacher at the Baray School.

Yen Seyha
English Teacher

A dedicated teacher who enjoys sharing his knowledge of English and aims to get the best out of his students.

Long Sreynoch
English Teacher

Another dedicated teacher who wants her students to study hard and to become proficient in English.

Chung Sreynit
Cooking Teacher

A dedicated lady who is passionate about food and cooking and enjoys sharing her knowledge with students.

Sun Kim Torng
Computer Teacher

A professional teacher who is determined and keen to see his students develop important skills on the computer that they can use in the future.

Chuon Channtheng
English Teacher

A professional teacher who enjoys sharing his knowledge of Cambodian history and the history of Angkor in particular.

Chuon Samol
Korean Teacher

A keen teacher who is committed to helping his students enjoy all aspects of Korean language and culture.

Lun Sorath
Japanese Teacher

An enthusiastic teacher who enjoys helping his students improve their Japanese language skills.

Vann Voan
Computer Teacher

A talented young man who is knowledgeable about computers and has a passion for technology.

Leam Sreylam
English Teacher

A dedicated teacher who is kind and friendly, and wants her students to become the best that they can be.

Dom Sai
English Teacher

An enthusiastic teacher who enjoys challenging himself and his students to become better with their English.

Choeurm La

A committed mother who is friendly and approachable, and helps to keep Happy Sunshine looking clean and organized.

Pen Sophal

A lovely chef who knows how to cook a delicious meal for the children, staff and volunteers.

Han Samut

A very responsible mother who is warm and kind. She helps to take care of all the children at the center.

Tham Kosol

A loving mother who is very welcoming to everyone and takes great care of all the children as well.

Soeum Revorn

A very well-organized and professional lady who keeps the library in top condition for the students.

Kham Chanty

A responsible driver who picks up students and drops them off back at home so they can study at school every day.

Chuon Samach

A committed man who does his best to make sure the Savong School is always safe and secure.

Kham Sothea

A talented and enthusiastic young man who is responsible and friendly in making sure the center remains a safe environment for children.