Savong School

The Savong school was opened in 2005, and in the last 9 years has provided free education to thousands of students from the local community.

DSC05620Initially, the school offered classes in English and Japanese and this has been extended in recent years to include Korean and IT classes. As of the autumn of 2014, the school now provides Khmer lessons in the morning, in addition to the foreign language and IT classes in the afternoon.

Thanks to the generosity of supporters from all over the world the school has grown considerably over the years. Of particular note is the library, paid for by an American couple, which now has well over a thousand books. The school has forged strong links with schools in Singapore and Malaysia, and has hosted group visits from these schools and from a school in Tasmania.

Through the great work of Duncan Stuart, a long term supporter from New Zealand, DSC_0040a number of scholarships have been arranged to allow the brightest and most committed students to attend universities in Siem Reap city.

The school has a number of experienced and enthusiastic teachers, including Sovanarith and Salas who have taught since the school opened, and they are augmented by the scholarship students. In addition, the school and the students have benefited greatly from the input and support of volunteer teachers from all four corners of the globe. For more information about volunteering please see the details on the web-site.


Savong and the rest of the team continue to face many challenges, at present a new generator and new computers are the top priorities, and financial support is always welcomed. You can be confident that all donations will be used, in a transparent way, to support the on-going work of the Savong school to continue to provide opportunities for students from poor families to further their education and enhance their career prospects.

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