Sponsor A Child

child3Choosing to sponsor a child is a commitment that changes a life by providing the monetary support for a child to have enough food to eat every day, to be clothed and to have an education.

Each child that is part of the Savong Organization is welcomed into a family atmosphere which we invite you to become a part of when you sponsor a child. The children at the organization all have their own wonderful, fun-loving, individual personalities with hopes and dreams just like you and me.



child1To sponsor a child is a small monthly payment of $55 USD, which will provide:

  • Three meals per day
  • Clean drinking water
  • Education
  • School materials
  • A safe living environment

This small payment of $55 USD will go a long way to giving the children at the organization an opportunity for a brighter future.

Every sponsor will receive a photo and background information of their sponsored child.

As you become a part of the child’s life, you will receive bi-monthly letters and updates on the child and get to know them more. You will also receive an address to send letters to your child.

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