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We're so fortunate to have people who feel strongly about helping communities break out of poverty and providing young people in Cambodia with greater opportunities for their future. It's also amazing when they can share their passion with friends and family.

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Imagine a generation of kids growing up to be compassionate, determined and responsible adults who strive to be the best that they can be while helping to improve the communities around them.

That's the idea behind our free education program where we teach young students English, practical life skills, soft skills, mindfulness, health and creativity.

Our aim is for students to become ambitious and resourceful while fostering an enjoyment for learning.

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Sometimes students have a great desire to improve their future through education but just don't have the necessary financial means at the moment.

Our academic scholarships for high school, University and traineeships aims to bridge this gap and provide opportunities for education that otherwise might not be possible.

We have helped students to become teachers, engineers, designers, managers, mechanics and so much more.

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As a Cambodian non-profit organization, everything we do is only possible through the generous donations from people around the world. Every bit really does count and we greatly appreciate your support. 


Helping communities break out of the poverty cycle and creating better futures since 2005.


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