Volunteer Code of Conduct

By volunteering at Savong Organization Cambodia (SOC), you must agree to follow the policies of SOC at all times.

You must read the child protection policies and cooperate with the organization’s policies and take full responsibility for any breaches of these policies.

Khmer Traditions and Cultures

When I interact with Cambodians at the Savong Organization Cambodia, I will:

1. Respect and follow Khmer Traditions and Cultures and value the Cambodian culture at all times.
2. Follow the Savong Organization Cambodia’s policies and conducts.
3. Dress in a way which is acceptable for Khmer Traditions and Cultures in the SOC, and on any visits outside the SOC.

Children’s Policies

When I interact Cambodians in Savong Organization Cambodia, I will:

1. Respect children without consideration of their colors, ages, genders, religions, politics, disabilities, etc.
2. Not speak in an impolite way with the children, not make any unacceptable gestures,or use violence in any form.
3. Not behave in any way that can be considered inappropriate or use any type of sexual innuendo.
4. I understand that any form of sexual contact with any of the children is strictly illegal, and that any such illegal behavior will be reported to the relevant authorities.
5. I understand that I must always be accompanied by staff from the SOC when I am with any of the children, in the school and on any visits outside the school.
6. I will not enter the children’s bedrooms, unless at the invitation of, and accompanied by, one or more members of the staff.
7. I will not provide the details of my e-mail address and / or Facebook account with any of the children, nor will l ask any of the children for their e-mail addresses and / or Facebook account details
8. I will not, under any circumstances, punish any of the children. If appropriate, I will report incidents of bad behavior to one of the staff.
9. Not ask any of the children to do anything that is for my personal benefit.
10. Pay respect to the children’s labor laws in Cambodia
11. Report to SOC or police officers when have concerns about a child’s behavior or if I witness a 3rd party behaving in an unacceptable / potentially illegal manner with a child
12. I will not agree to contact the families of any of the children without the agreement of the Director of the SOC.

Use Children Images

Before taking children’s photos, I will:

1. Ask for a permission from children, their care takers, or a manager of SOC and explain why?
2. Use simple, normal style when taking photo’s of children, and teach them how take photo’s and film video in a correct and sensitive way.
3. Ensure that all photos taken are valued and treated with respect
4. Not use photos of the children for any personal pecuniary advantage,.
5. Not to place or launch children’s photos on webpages without obtaining their permission first.

As a volunteer at the SOC, I understand that:

1. Any acts of discrimination and violence by volunteer are wholly unacceptable, and will not be tolerated.
2. I will not disseminate any untrue or inaccurate information
3. Volunteers must behave in an honest and trustworthy way at all times..
4. Any contact with families and children in the wider community must follow SOC’s policies.
5. I must SOC’s director know of my intentions before I bring any friends or relatives to SOC.
6. The use of drugs in SOC locations is strictly prohibited.
7. Smoking is not allowed at any SOC location
8. No business of any kind can be carried out at any SOC location.

Gifts and donations

Donation of cash to any member of staff of the SOC, must follow the rules below:

1. Donations to SOC must be made or forwarded to the SOC accountant and a receipt must be given..
2. Any donations to SOC staff or students, children’s families must be authorized by the SOC’s director.
3. SOC’s staff is not allowed to solicit money or gifts from volunteers.
4. For more information about donations, please talk to one of the managers. In summary.

During my time volunteering at the SOC, I agree that:

1. Volunteers must follow the present systems and policies in the way they are set out.
2. The systems and policies are set out for the overall benefit of the SOC. Any suggestions as to how improvements could be made should be discussed with the director.
3. The systems must not be changed without the agreement of the SOC’s director.
4. No new educational programs or activities can be introduced without getting permission from the director.
5. I cannot arrange for anyone to deputise for me if I am absent..
6. I will not ask any Khmer staff to be my personal guide.
7. I will take good care of all the SOC’s buildings and teaching materials at all times.

Before you can volunteer at SOC, you must read, understand and agree with this code of conduct as set out by the director of the SOC. If you have any questions about any of these policies, feel free to contact Savong here: svaysavong@gmail.com