Welcome To Savong Organization Cambodia

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Savong Organization Cambodia is a rapidly growing Non-Government Organization with five branches in Siem Reap supporting children of all ages, from kindergarten through to University.

In this part of Cambodia, not far from the incredible Angkor Wat temples, tourism is the major employer beyond subsistence farms and family retail businesses, so skills in languages and computing provide a passport for future employment. For over 1,000 rural children Savong Organization Cambodia provides hope, opportunity and support.

The History

The organization started with a modest school in 2005 with the help of many supporters world-wide, and together with Savong and his team of teachers the school has made progress – step by step – to provide higher levels of education with better resources.

To meet the needs of particularly poor students whose families are unable to provide educational support (local state schools charge money) the organization also established a children’s home nearby (home for 51 children), and this has also grown to other branches within the organization.

The Purpose

The purpose of Savong Organization Cambodia is to give rural students hope for the future, opportunities for education and employment, and the ability to become the best that they can be.

IMG_1922It is a great place for the students, a social hub, a place to learn and a place that gives opportunities. The teachers work hard to deliver quality education in languages such as English, Japanese and Korean, as well as teaching students valuable computer skills.

The organization is an example of the global village at work. It has been supported by people from all around the world. More than 1,000 local students have learned languages and other skills through the organization.

Volunteers are always welcome here, whether for a day, a week, (or preferably) a month or longer, and we know the experience will be as valuable for you as it will be for the students who come here voluntarily. They really appreciate the gift of free education.