Fundraise For Our Projects

Whether you want to do a general fundraiser or something for a specific project, we would greatly appreciate any fundraising you can do.

Every bit really does help and you would be making a great contribution to helping the community.

Here's What You Can Fundraise For

General Running Costs

From educational materials, local staff salaries, scholarships, the inevitable maintenance costs, and just keeping the lights on - your efforts will contribute to keeping our projects going for longer and having a greater impact.

Specific Projects

Whether it's renovating a classroom, reinvigorating the play area, taking students on field trips, or implementing new educational programs, we often have specific projects that require extra attention and funds.

Projects You Can Support

Renovating New Classrooms

We would love to provide more English classes, especially for teenagers.

To do this we need to renovate existing classrooms that have largely been used as storage since Covid hit.

The renovations will include installing new ceilings, putting in windows, painting the walls, reinstalling electricity, and getting all the necessary desks, chairs and resources.

New Inspirational Teachers

We want to be able to reach more students with our English and soft skills classes, so more young people can develop practical skills for their future while building self-confidence, positive self-esteem and resourcefulness.

To do this we hope to open up two more classes in the next academic year and this requires hiring new teachers that share our values and passion for community development.

All of our current teachers are incredibly motivated to provide engaging lessons to their students and to be the best role models possible, and we want this to continue with our new teachers as well.

New Technology For Classes

We are always looking to improve our education programs to provide students with the best possible opportunities.

To do this our teachers provide engaging and interactive lessons to our students that are full of encouragement, creativity and innovative approaches.

In order to achieve this aim, we are in need of more educational resources, specifically more technology resources, that will allow our educational program to develop.

Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising can take on all shapes and sizes, from asking friends and family to get involved in small ways to holding events with more publicity.

Here are a few fundraising ideas to get you started:

Fundraising Auction: Organize a charity auction and sell items donated by friends, family, or local businesses
Fundraising Brunch/Lunch/Dinner: Host a charity brunch, lunch, or dinner and ask attendees to make a donation
Fundraising Merchandise Sale: Sell merchandise (e.g., t-shirts, bracelets) with proceeds being donated
Fundraising Movie Night: Host a fundraising movie night (or any other event like workshops, classes, etc) and charge an admission fee with proceeds going to our projects
Host a Bake Sale: Bake and sell goods with proceeds going to our projects

These are just a few ideas to get your mind going. 

However you choose to raise funds, know that every little bit really does count. From helping us to cover our running costs to contributing to specific projects, your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Thank You For Your Interest In Fundraising

We have general running costs that you can fundraise for, but we also have various projects from time to time that require extra attention. Feel free to contact us to see what the best option for your fundraiser might be.


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